The Comment Game😈

As instructed, I visited 9 blogs today. They are listed below:

N’aani’s Blog: A cool, thought-provoking page. I enjoyed reading her posts.

Ashley’s Blog: This blog was rather unorthodox when it came to following the challenge’s directions, but the posts were nonetheless interesting and fact-filled.

Christina’s Blog: The heading and themes (fonts, background) already had my eyes on this blog. In addition to the artsy aspect of this site, the actual posts were an interesting read.

Logan’s Blog: I could relate with this blog because it was concentrated on the sports side of things. If you are also a fan of American Football, you may want to check it out.

Sami’s Blog: This was an excellent example of a blog, as I could tell this person spent an extensive amount of time reinforcing their page. This site was mostly concentrated on politics and psychology and I was interested to see the views Sami had towards taking a stand and speaking up.

Fatima’s Blog: Yet another nicely designed blog…these setups are beginning to make me devalue my own😢  like Sami’s blog, the posts here were also quite a fun read, with an addition of cool facts and pieces of information.  

John’s Blog: Ayo B!😂. The author from this site is originated from New York, so I thought I’d get in the lingo. All jokes aside, I could relate to some of the topics discussed, as we are both fans of conscious rap music. Unfortunately, it is yet another site that makes mine look trash…   

Ryan’s Blog: This blog was focused mainly towards engineering; here, I was unable to relate, but regardless, the posts’ topics were interesting. He put a lot of lists on how to create things, so if you are interested in DIYs, don’t hesitate to scroll here.

Chris’ Blog: If you are looking for editorials, than this is the right place. Besides academic topics, there were many posts on his site discussing personal issues, or things he thinks could improve (e.g College fraternity culture).


I commented on John’s Blog, Sami’s Blog and Fatima’s Blog (Selection was random). Be sure to check out all the pages 🙂 byebye







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